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We help companies small and large create a culture of wellness.

WellEd Solutions offers employers the ability to support their employees in living a healthier lifestyle while reducing healthcare costs, increasing productivity and boosting employee morale by promoting a wellness culture. Our efforts in making real change start with focusing on developing a culture that leads to motivated employees who want to improve their health with sustainable lifestyle habits that lead to lasting, real and measurable results. 

We provide solutions for small and large sized businesses to reduce health care cost, increase productivity, reduce sick days and boost employee morale. We offer employers a customizable, comprehensive program that not only educates but also engages each employee by creating a wellness culture. Our unique platform promotes high participation rates due to the ability to be delivered onsite, online or a blend between the two. 

Our workplace wellness program offers a comprehensive plan for addressing a variety of common concerns that employers face when it comes to their company’s health and wellness needs. Our customized approach allows for clients to choose services relevant to their specific needs. From onsite evaluations, consultation services, health risk assessments, biometric screenings, onsite and virtual fitness, physical therapy, chiropractic care, mindfulness mental awareness, nutrition and disease prevention services, we have something to offer all employers and their employees. Our onsite and virtual options make wellness accessible for any type of business. 

About us 

Jessica Headlee
Jessica HeadleeFounder, Certified Health Coach

Resolutions & Beyond

Jessica Headlee is the founder of Resolutions & Beyond, the premier source for health coaching and wellness education in Omaha, NE and surrounding areas. Resolutions & Beyond offers a variety of support services including weight management, fitness coaching, lifestyle changes, menu planning support, nutrition education, and general wellness in group, individual, and corporate settings.

Using her own experiences as motivation, Jessica started Resolutions and Beyond where the mission is simple:

To create awareness about healthy living and motivation to prevent health risks by educating the community and empowering each person with knowledge and support.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Wellness and a Master’s degree in Higher Education, Jessica combines her passion for wellness and experience with curriculum design to create effective courses in health and wellness. Jessica is a certified health coach and group fitness instructor as well as a fitness nutrition specialist and weight management specialist with the American Council on Exercise. Jessica is also a Certified Corporate Fitness Specialist through the National Corporate Fitness Institute (NCFI).

With a personalized journey and plan, clients are able to succeed in accomplishing their own personal health and wellness goals with the ongoing support of their coach and wellness program. Whether participating in group or individual coaching or a corporate wellness plan, Jessica is committed to ensuring each client’s success.

Kristen Reid
Kristen ReidCertified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach

Resolutions & Beyond

K-Fit Consulting


With over 28 years of experience in the fitness industry, Kristen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science with a specialty in Psychology from the University of  Nebraska at Omaha. Kristen thrives on helping people reach their goals. Not only is she the owner of K-Fit Consulting where she helps people achieve a variety of wellness goals, she also helps manage Resolutions & Beyond. 

During her fitness career, she has had the great opportunity to own and operate K-Fit Consulting in Council Bluffs.  With her passion and love for early mornings, and outdoor workouts, she brought the FIRST outdoor bootcamp to Council Bluffs.  She currently offers private custom coaching and small group fitness classes.  Kristen believes that movement is medicine and that can heal the physical body naturally and bring calm and peace to the mind.

Her class formats come from a vast variety of exercise and training methods with the most amazing playlists.  Kristen loves sharing her expertise and passion for fitness with others and loves the good energy and vibes after a tough workout.

Fitness Certifications Include the following:

  • American Council on Exercise-PT
  • American Sports & Fitness Association-Pilates Instructor
  • Aerobic and Fitness Association of America
  • International Fitness Professionals Association
  • National Corporate Fitness Institution (NCFI)
  • IFPA Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Rebox Group Cycling
  • AFPA
  • PiYo I & II
  • Zumba I, II, and Zumba Toning
  • Turbo Kick
  • Piloxing
  • Hip Hop Hustle

Kristen’s personal tagline of “Grit and Grace” is evident in her personal drive and dedication in how she helps others achieve their own fitness goals.  If you put in the work and follow the plan, you will see the results!

To learn more about K-Fit Consulting and to see a full menu of services, please click here to visit their website. 

ph 712-309-2225




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Meet our Partners

Amy McCae
Amy McCaeCertified Wellness Coach

Mindfulness Matters

Hello!  My name is Amy McCae and I help individuals and organizations reduce stress and burnout through mindfulness based practices for improved well-being and resilience. I want you to have the support you need to gain clarity and confidence as well as the tools and resources you need to be happy, successful as well as create balance and peace of mind.
Right now more than ever leaders and their teams need support. Remote working, mental well-being, added stress of homeschooling, fear of illness, and loss of social events are creating a surge of new problems for organizations and employees. Now is the time to invest in yourself, your team, and your organization. 
Mindfulness isn’t just for monks. It is a way of living and connecting more to who you are and being in the present moment. Anxiety is fear of the future. Depression is regrets from the past. In training and coaching I focus on the self-awareness and emotional intelligence aspects of mindfulness as well as holistic well-being. I insure every step is practical and relevant to you living at your highest potential. 
I offer Mindfulness based Corporate Wellness Training, Life and Executive Coaching, and Holistic Wellness Sessions. Training can be done via Zoom or in person. A membership program and all new online course are coming soon!

I started my business after spending nearly a decade ill with chronic illnesses until finally finding healing through fitness, nutrition, and meditation. I have a life long passion for health and well-being and am committed to my own well-being as well as my education. I currently hold the following certifications:

Certified Life Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher as well a studies through Mindful Schools of California (mindfulness for children, Certified Sports Visualization Specialist, Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach, 3 Levels of Silva Life System (mind and intuition training), Welcoa’s Workplace Movement Certification, as well as EFT, EMF, Reiki, and Body Talk Access Certified and I have studied relationships, Shamanism, and the Reconnection. 
I have been featured on numerous radio shows, podcasts as well as in magazines. You can learn more about me, my story, and read and testimonials at
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Essential Motion Spine & Sport

Dr. Geoff Buchta, Chiropractor 

Dr. Chris Erickson, Physical Therapist


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