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When you choose to invest in your employees’ health with a wellness program from Resolutions and Beyond, you can be confident that you are offering them a comprehensive plan that considers all aspects of health and wellness.

Since we cannot obtain or measure health and wellness by one single aspect, this program touches on multiple areas of health which are intertwined into overall wellness. We want to make the most of our efforts in achieving optimum health and our program provides your employees with information, resources, and support in not only physical health but also mental wellness.

We offer Biometric Screenings and Health Risk Assessments to collect data that helps us customize the best approach to improving your teams’ wellness. Our online program, WellEd Solutions, includes support for stress management, achieving work-life balance, time management, nutrition, physical activity, sleep habits, and so much more.

We understand everyone has unique needs; therefore, your employees will be invited to participate in a variety of supplemental workshops and team challenges that offer support in specific areas of interest such as disease prevention, diabetes, food allergies, healthy families, smoking cessation, and more.

Your team will have access to a team of Certified Health Coaches who are available to answer questions and offer support throughout the year. Get started and learn more!

Our Corporate Wellness Solution offers:

  • Biometric Screening

  • Health Risk Assessment

  • Website & mobile app

  • Promotion, introduction, orientation and onboarding of the program for each employee

  • Food tracking tool

  • Nutrition database

  • Lifestyle (activity) & mood tracking

  • Online resources

  • Downloadable resources

  • Cultural change initiatives

  • Team building activities

  • Wellness workshops: LIVE & recorded

  • Special interest campaigns

  • Team Challenges

  • Personal assessments

  • Engagement activities

  • Group chats with Certified Health Coach

  • Personal access to Certified Health Coach through private message platform

  • Data collection, tracking, analysis, and reporting

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Increase Productivity

Better Health = More Productivity

Investing in wellness solutions is proven to increase productivity.

Reduce Sick Days & Health Risks

Healthier Employees Here You Come

By investing in a wellness program that includes both dietary and fitness education, you can decrease your employee’s sick days and health risks.

Every $1 Spent Earns Up to $3.80 ROI

Wellness Programs Offer a Huge ROI

ROI = $3.80 per $1 spent on disease management programs and $1.50 ROI on overall wellness programs that include lifestyle management (Source: The RAND Corporation)

Improved Recruitment & Retention

Wellness Programs are a Huge Perk

Studies show that workplaces with wellness programs see improved employee recruitment and retention.

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